Heart Touching True Love Shayari For Girlfriend, Boyfriend In English – Romantic Shayari

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Every relationship in the world is related to some kind of love. If there is no love in the world then this world would be colorless, this love which fills sweetness in colors and ribs in this world. Well, there is no excuse to show love to someone, this is just a story. Similarly Valentines Day is known as the day of love and celebration. On this day, lovers show their love by offering a rose flower or ring to their beloved. It is celebrated every year in the month of February on February 14th throughout the world. On this occasion, we have brought some specially valentine messages to you. You can easily share your friends, girlfriends or boyfriends and family members according to your choice.

The day you fall in love with someone,
You think is the happiest day of your life,
But in actual you become the weakest person
Who can’t live without someone..!!

The distance between two hearts
Is not an obstacle,
Its a beautiful reminder of just
how strong true love can be..!!

My love for you is like water,
Falling countless,
The beating of my heart,
For you is so heavy and soundless,
The feeling of being in your arm is
so Precious and endless..!!

I’m the heart, u r the heartbeat,
I’m the breath, u r the oxygen,
I’m the body, u r the soul,
we are two bodies, one soul..!!

When I think about you,
a sweet smile appears on lips.
when I remember the movements along with you,
they remain as a sweet memories to me..!!

Take my eyes but let me see you,
Take my mind but let me think about you
Take my hand but let me touch you
But don’t try to take my heart
Because its already with you…!!

It Hurts When U Need Just A Piece Of Love
& there Is Nobody 2 Give it
It Hurts Even More When U Have An Ocean Of Love
& your Loved 1 Is Not there 2 Receive it..!!

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To see you smile,
I will walk many a mile.
To hear you talk,
Hundred miles will I walk.
To touch your hand,
I will cross seven seas and land.
You are my love,
life And everything that I own. wife

Love is like a cloud,
love is like a dream,
Love is one word & every thing in between,
Love is fairytale come true,
Because i found love when I found you.

Take my eyes but let me see you,
Take my mind but let me think about you,
Take my hand but let me touch you,
But don’t try to take my heart,
Because its already with you.

Love Can Travel Miles Away,
Just Like Time Does During Night & Day,
But As Love Travels Miles Apart,
It Still Has A Solid Place In The Heart,
As I Express These Feelings I Have For You,
I Hope You Have Them For Me Too,
Because My Life Is Empty Without You.

If A Kiss Was A Raindrop I’d Send U Showers,
If A Hug Was A Second I’d Send U Hours,
If A Smile Was Water I’d Send U A Sea,
If Love Was A Person I’d Send U Me.

God Does Not Play Dice With The Universe,
Everything Happens On Purpose,
When U Became Me Frnd It Was Not
An Accident He Wanted Me To Get The Best.

True Frndship Comes When Silence,
Between 2 People Is Comfortable,
And When Everything Is Said And,
Done And Understood Injust Few Words.
I Love You.

If I Could Be Any Part Of You,
I’d Be Your Tear,
To Be Conceived In Your Heart,
Born In Your Eyes,
Live In Our Cheeks,
And Die On Your Lips.

Beauty of your soul enlighten my life,
You are the one whom I Love,
I care for..
Radiance of your smile brightens my days,
I love to hold you,
to see you,
to feel you !!!

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