Happy Anniversary Wishes, Messages and quotes

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The Happy Anniversary Messages. Anniversary shows the love of two people who are totally different from each other and still they are living happily together. Take ideas to write your own messages to wish a couple who is celebrating their cute bond.So wish Happy anniversary to your husband/ wife, parents, friends and couple with lovable collection of Happy anniversary wishes messages in English.These Anniversary messages are the best messages.Share messages with your friends and family members via Whatsapp, Email.

Happy Anniversary and May your marriage be Blessed with love,
joy And companionship For all the years of your lives!

Best wishes to you both on your anniversary,
May the love that u share Last your lifetime through,
As u make a wonderful pair,
Happy Wedding Anniversary

No one else would understand our relationship,
and no one else in this world would understand me the way you do,
Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary and May your marriage be Blessed with love,
joy And companionship For all the years of your lives!

Happy Anniversary to the couple whom I admire the most.

May this lovely day,
remind you of the love that made us believe in love,
May God pour all the warmth on your sweet love,
Happy Anniversary.

Now is the time to celebrate,
The love in your hearts today,
For another year so quickly passed,
Since your last anniversary day,
May you share your love together

Our anniversary is a time to look back at the good times and a time to look ahead to live our dreams together.

The echo of your love and the sound of the sea have a few things in common – they are both constant,
soulful and eternal,
Happy anniversary.

Real relationships are when you can fight like enemies,
laugh like best friends and love like soul mates Happy anniversary

Whatever you do and wherever life takes you,
never underestimate the power of honesty,
love and friendship,
Happy anniversary.

Relationships are not about give and take,
they’re about share and care,
Happy anniversary.

For some people,
a perfect marriage is a myth,
fable or false hope,
But for me,
it is a real thing which exists between you both,
Happy anniversary.

Your dreams,
ambitions and hopes for the future may not be always the same,
But the beauty of your marriage is that you both live to make each others’ dreams come true,
Happy anniversary to a perfect couple.

More than the pop of balloons,
flash of lights and shower of confetti – may the sounds of laughter,
flashes of smiles and showers of happiness mark your anniversary.

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Anniversaries are milestones where you can pause and look back at your life – to cherish all the beautiful memories and bind yourselves to all the wonderful promises that are yet to be fulfilled,
Happy anniversary.

Your family name too should end with EST because it comes after every word I use to describe you as a couple – happiEST,
hottEST and the very bEST,
Happy anniversary.

If your love story was made in a movie,
it would give the Notebook a run for its money,
Happy wedding anniversary

Success doesn’t always come in the form of pay checks and awards,
It also lies in smiles that are a result of happy relationships and experiencing the little pleasures of life,
Happy anniversary.

Most married couples hear each other’s words,
you listen to each other’s heartbeats,
Most of them  admire each other’s looks,
you complement each other’s souls,
Most of them commit to each others’ lives,
you have committed to each others’ dreams,
Happy anniversary to an awesome couple.

The sweetest of anniversaries are a result of getting through the life’s most bitter moments… hand in hand and heart to heart,
Happy anniversary.

Times change,
people change,
but memories remain,
Wish you both a lifetime of happy memories,
Have a fantastic anniversary.

The first few years of marriage are likely to be the best,
It is only later that life becomes a test,
But the love between you both makes you better that the rest,
Happy anniversary and good luck.

For some couples,
being perfect means being flawless But for a wise,
mature and beautiful one like you,
being perfect means accepting every other way,
Happy anniversary

Your anniversary should have been a monthly and not a weekly affair,
for having just one day in a year is just not enough to show each other how much you care,
Happy anniversary.

Some marriages are a cocktail of different emotions,
feelings and experiences,
Yours is straight and on the rocks – 100% pure and undiluted love,
Happy anniversary.

A romantic journey,
thrilling ride,
fun adventure,
amazing voyage,
beautiful expedition,
memorable escapade,
heavenly trip – this is the definition of your marriage and the path to your destiny,
Happy anniversary.

Every year,
your anniversary makes me anxious,
nervous and stressed because it adds to the pressure of finding the perfect match – just like you both did,
Happy anniversary.

Sometimes your marriage is slow like Waltz,
sometimes it is peppy like Salsa,
sometimes it is hot like Tango and sometimes it is soulful like Jazz – cheers to the couple who can dance to any rhythm of life,
Happy anniversary.

You don’t need to wait for your 10th,
20th or 25th anniversary to celebrate a milestone in your life,
Every anniversary of yours is a special milestone,
Happy anniversary.

हम लेकर आये आपके लिए सम्पूर्ण व्रत कथा ऐप जिसके माध्यम से आप कथा विधि विधान और मन्त्रों की जानकारी पाएगें।

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